Cote Rotie 'Coteaux de Tipin' 2006 Jean Michel Stephan

Wild man wine - full bodied robust and flavoursome Cote Rotie - full bodied dark fruits with pepper, spice and herbaceous notes - using the Serine grape variety.

Jean-Michel Stephan. Stephan, a former assistant at the famous Rhône house, Guigal, decided to pursue his own domaine several years ago. Guided by the teachings of natural wine pioneer Jules Chauvet, he decided to cultivate organically and be as natural as possible in the winery. In this ‘natural’ spirit he also began to turn to the roots of his Côte-Rôtie terroir, something which, according to him, centers on the mysterious grape Sérine, from vines planted in 1896 and 1902

This wine was the first to bring the grape variety Sérine to our attention  - Andrew Jefford’s The New France. Jefford does have a very short entry entitled “Sérine: Disappearing Genes”, where he describes his discussions about this small berried, low yielding variety that is closely related to syrah. According to Jefford, Louis Barruol of Château de Saint Cosme stated that Sérine is more aromatically complex and shows more finesse than regular syrah; “That is where that classic smoke comes from, that fat, that bacon.”