Somerset 5 year old Cider Brandy 35cl

Five year old Somerset Cider Brandy -without some of the immediate apple of Somerset Royal, but smoother, more complex with a velvety palate and intriguing spicy aftertaste.

Somerset Cider Brandy Co.

Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset

Julian Temperley produces a series of Somerset cider brandies that are equivalent to the top Calvados from France and are aged in oak barrels (sourced from Jerez, Limousin in France and as far afield as Hungary) for up to twenty plus years. A visit to his premises in the deepest, darkest part of Somerset will take you back to a time pre-dating commercialism and hi-tech gadgetry. A word of warning if visiting - take your wellies. The yard is running with apple pulp, juice and mud, but behind bullet proof glass are two copper stills (Julian’s pride and joy) used to make this delicious cider brandy. Julian's licence, granted by HM Customs in 1989, is the first full cider distilling license in recorded history. Since then the business has grown to 150 acres of apple orchards with 40 different variety of apple grown.