Our spirits and whiskies are an ever growing and developing section of our business and have long been a passion for us - Gin has seen an amazing transformation in the last two years with seemingly a new boutique gin appearing every week - try the Bath Gin made by the Canary Gin Bar in Bath as an example of how Gin has developed.

Whisky has long been a passion, however we favourite whiskies that are at least 10 years of age and ideally at least 46% volume and for this we constantly search for Independent bottlers who offer a different outlook on the classic.

We import our Armagnac direct from a small grower in Bas-Armagnac, France and are able to offer older vintages of excellent quality - many a night has been spent glass in hand. Grappa / Marc /Eau de Vie is the preferred after dinner drink of the owner and again we are always on the lookout for the next example to add to our list - either on the website or on our bar list.

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Spirits & Whiskies