Del Professore Gin & Spirit Tasting Thurs 19th July

Tutored tasting with Del Professore Spirits, led by Gianfranco tasting a selection of Gins, Vermouths and Aperitifos. Perhaps the most exciting range of hand crafted boutique spirits around.

Del Professore is a collaboration of the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome and Federico Ratto –perhaps the most interesting collection of Gins and Spirits on the market at the moment.

We will taste their stunning Gins (a lost style of Gins) -Madame, Monsieur & Crocodile Gin, Vermouths, and Aperitifos - led through the tasting by Del Professore's Gianfranco. An opportunity to taste some of the best hand crafted boutique Gins and spirits available - an Italian masterclass.