Ornus dell’Ornellaia 2011 Tusany Italy 50cl

A sweet wine produced by Tuscan superstar Ornellaia -
tropical fruit, dried apricot, citrus and caramel. The palate is remarkably rich and vibrant, redolent of fragrant honey and tropical fruit, emphatically sweet but perfectly balanced.

Ornus dell’Ornellaia is a late harvest Petit Manseng produced in extremely limited quantities and gives yet another dimension to the Estate. In certain vintages conditions are perfect in the tiny “Palmetta” vineyard for the production of this exclusive dessert wine. The name Ornus dell’Ornellaia takes its inspiration from ‘Fraxinus Ornus’, the Latin name for the Manna or Flowering Ash (in Italian, Orniello), the tree which has given its name to the Ornellaia. The “Manna Ash” Orniello or ‘Fraxinus Ornus’ is a tree which is typical to the Mediterranean coastal area.

Upon arrival at the winery, each lot was pressed and fermented separately. After lengthy, gentle pressing and a natural one night decanting, the various lots were fermented in 100% new oak barriques at temperatures of no more than 22°C. Upon reaching the desired sugar and alcohol levels, the fermentation was stopped. Malolactic fermentation did not take place. After racking, the wines were aged for 12 months, after which the various lots were blended. After bottling, the wine was aged for another year prior to release.