Domaine de Millet Blanc 2016, Domaine de Millet - Gascony

Very light, soft fragrant - lychees, ripe melon and fragrant floral touches, dry finish.

Domaine de Millet - Gascony, Eauze

This splendid vineyard of 53 hectares is nestled in the heart of Gascony. Located in the Bas-Armagnac, Chateau de Millet has always been producing high quality wines , thanks to the exceptional grape varieties, to the reasoned work on the vines and a constant evolution of methods and technical equipments.

In 1998, the Dèche family received the Président de la République Award for its 1974 Bas Armagnac – all the Armagnac's are vintage apart from their excellent house style 5 Year Old. The Dèche family has produced its wines for five generations with Francis and his daughter, Laurence, now leading the domaine forward, producing a range of vintage Bas-Armagnac, as well as Floc de Gascogne.