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We are as careful and as selective when choosing our range of spirits and liqueurs as when we choose a wine to add to our list - we are constantly searching for small artisanal drinks to add tou our ever growing selection. Absinthe has long been a favourite drink in our bar and we are always looking to add to our selection of this much maligned and misunderstood drink.

Aperitifs are becoming far more fashionable, led by the upsurge of popularity of sherries (no longer the drink of the older generation), but perhaps try a White Port or an Italian Vermouth as an alternative, or after a long night out a little Fernet Branca will work wonders the morning after.

We have a great selection of fruit crèmes - ideal to add to white, sparkling wine or make the difference in many a cocktail and there is many a surprise to be found in the liqueur selection, aside from some old favourites.


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